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Coleshill C of E Primary School

Encouraging an enthusiasm for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Our Faith in action!


We would like to share with you some information about and pictures of the activities, groups, ideas and places that are important to us as a Church of England school...



school entrance

A warm welcome!

We hope you will get a good feel for the character of our school as you arrive.

We believe everyone, from leaders and Governors to teachers, support staff and of course our children have an important role to play in making our school a place where Christian love and commitment is expressed in everyday life.

At Coleshill Church of England Primary School, we...

  • Care, because we want our children to be happy and successful.
  • Create, because we use the talents God gave us.
  • Cooperate, because working together is as important as individual endeavour.
  • Celebrate, because we are proud of our achievements and know that encouragement helps our children grow in confidence.

Our School Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for Coleshill Church of England Primary School.
Help us to work hard and do our best.
Help us to be kind and friendly to everyone.

Please bless this school and everyone who steps inside.

school bell Our logo

The school logo, which is embroidered on our sweatshirts and used on our stationery, is based on a design by one of our children. The three main elements are the church, the bridge and the old school bell.

The church denotes our status as a Church of England Aided school and our close connections with the parish church of St Peter and St Paul, which dominates the Coleshill landscape.

The bridge is a historic feature of the town and represents our place in the local community.

The old school bell (dated 1872), which stood above the old parochial school and was used to call the children in from their play now stands in our entrance hall and reminds us of our history. 

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement emphasises the importance of learning moral and spiritual values with a Christian ethos and reminds us that:

A child who lives with tolerance, learns to be patient.
A child who lives with encouragement, learns confidence.
A child who lives with praise, learns to appreciate.
A child who lives with fairness, learns justice.
A child who lives with security, learns to have faith.
A child who lives with approval, learns to like himself or herself.
A child who lives with acceptance and friendship, learns to find love in the world.

Special Assemblies

Throughout the year, children have the chance to plan, prepare for and lead a special assembly, usually in the local parish church (you can visit their website at

Year 4 plan and prepare for the Harvest Assembly in October, Year 3 lead the Christmas assembly with Reception and the Infants taking part, Year 5 prepare the Easter Assembly and Year 6 prepare for an assembly in Birmingham Cathedral near the end of the Summer term.

These are times when we can gather together, not only as a school, but also a whole community to worship, share and reflect. There is a big emphasis on children planning and leading collective worship at these times. We are glad that these services are always well attended by parents/carers and friends of the school.

Easter service at Coleshill Parish Church




Our children say...

“We get to advertise our special services for parents and can design invitations for them.”

“Each of us gets to play the different parts in the assemblies and in the church.”

“We got to stand up in front of lots of people for our church service.”


Bible Group and Bible Club

We are very pleased to welcome the Bible Group into school every week. The Bible Group is a group of people from different churches in the community who come together to share Bible stories with us. We love to join in as they act, read, perform and sing - each week a group of children is selected to participate with the lively dramatisation of a Bible story, helping to bring our collective worship to life.

Some of the Bible Group also lead Bible Club on a Thursday lunch time. Children can come together to learn more about God in a fun way with stories, quizzes and games. The members of Bible Club get to reflect on their personal experiences together.

Thank you to the Bible Group for letting us have such a fun time!

Bible Group


Our children say...

“The Bible group are great because they give us a picture in our heads.”

“They make the Bible more fun to learn about.”

“We always learn new things about Jesus and his disciples.”

Our prayer garden

We have a special place in the playground where we can sit quietly and think or say a prayer. Set amongst the trees in the copse it also links us to nature.

Prayer garden







Our children say...

“We can learn to respect each other and nature, and the things that we have.” 

RE words

What we think of being in a Church of England School

Our school council has been thinking about what being a Church of England school means and why it is important to them:

“It’s good to be in Coleshill Church of England School because we get to concentrate on learning about religions.”

“We’re thankful for the things that we have.”

“In this school we never feel left out.”

“You get closer to God in assembly times as we read the stories.”