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Each letter of VCOP stands for an aspect of writing that will help pupils improve all writing in every subject. Click here for some VCOP examples.


V = Vocabulary (the words used in writing)

Also called WOW words! For example: instead of using the word ‘nice’ , another more interesting word could be used - such as ‘beautiful, stunning, fantastic’ etc.


C = Connectives (or joining words)

These are words used to make sentences longer. For example: ‘and, because, but, so, when, then’ . The words come in the middle of sentences, e.g.

‘When I stared out of the window I felt angry because...’


O = Openers (words to open or begin sentences)

For example: ‘I..., My..., When..., First..., Suddenly...’ Different openers should be used to start each sentence in their writing.


P = Punctuation (the marks used to help writing make sense!)

Children should be using full stops, capital letters, commas, exclamation marks, question marks and speech marks.