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Assessment Focus for reading


Once children are able to read they can go on to develop higher level reading skills including comprehension, inference and deduction. Children's abilities are assessed according to seven focus areas as follows. Asking questions around these areas will help them with their reading - please note anything you talk about in your child's reading diary.

AF1 - Decode and read for meaning

   I can ‘break the code’ and read words carefully, understanding what they mean.


"What does that word say?"

"How many sounds can you hear in that word?"

"What is that punctuation for?"


AF2 - Finding information

   I can find the answers in the text.


"Can you retell what has happened?"
"What additional information can you find out from the picture?"
"How did this character behave?"
"What happened at the end?"


AF3 - Read between the lines

   I can use clues in the text to read between the lines and discover more information.


"Why did the character behave that way?"
"If there was another chapter, what do you think would happen?"
"What might this character have been thinking?"


AF4 - Structure

   I can talk about how the text has been put together and organised.

"What makes the layout helpful to the reader" (especially in non-fiction books)
"What happens in each setting?"
What would be a suitable heading for this text?"


AF5 - Language

   I can explain how the author has used language for different effects.

"Choose a word to describe this character."
"Why is this a good title?"
"Why does the author use particular words?"


AF6 - Purpose

   I can explain the author’s viewpoint and how a text makes the reader feel.

"How did the story make you feel and why?"
"What words or points are the most powerful in persuading the reader?"
"Do you agree with the writer?"


AF7 - The text and the world


   I can compare and contrast stories set in different cultures and times.

"Was there any part of the story that reminded you of your own experiences?"
"Do you know any other stories like this with similar issues or themes?"
"When was the story written? How do you know?"