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Coleshill C of E Primary School

Inspiring our children to flourish and enjoy 'Life in all its fullness' (John 10:10)

Lettings policy


Last update: 2017-11-01

Aim Statement

Coleshill Church of England Primary School & Nursery is a voluntary aided Church of England school. All Staff and governors aim to make the school a place where Christian love and commitment are expressed in everyday life.

We aim therefore to provide a happy, caring, safe and stimulating school where everyone is valued and there is a high level of expectation in all aspects of school life.

All children will have access to the Early Years Foundation Stage, the National Curriculum, R.E. and the broader curriculum through a wide range of educational opportunities, enabling them to reach their full potential. We will encourage partnerships with parents, governors, the church and the local community.

Through these aims we hope that children will become active, healthy and responsible members of society.                                             

Statement of Intent

The governors encourage the use of school premises out of school hours. That use will not however, conflict with the educational functions of the premises, Christian ethos of school or create any disturbance to the neighbourhood.

Whilst all uses of accommodation will be considered the governors reserve the right to refuse an application for hire, without having to state reasons.

The governors will comply with the statutory use of the premises:

  • Candidates’ meetings before elections
  • Polling stations

A charge to cover expenses in these cases is payable by the Chief Education Officer.

The user is responsible for the cost of making good any damage.


By making the school facilities available to hirers, the school aims to

  •  endorse and facilitate the promotion of educational and social opportunities
  •  encourage the personal and social development of people in the local community


The governors delegate the responsibility for agreeing applications to the headteacher, who will consult with the chair of governors if appropriate.

The caretaker is responsible for opening the premises at the agreed time and remaining there until the hirer or his representative arrives and for closing and securing the premises at the end of the period of hire. He/she is responsible for cleaning and preparing hired accommodation for its normal use. If additional services are necessary extra payment will be made and passed on to the hirer.

Rates for hiring are determined by the governors and are reviewed annually. Energy costs will be raised in line with inflation

Separate hiring charges apply to different categories of use. These are:

  • Children and youth groups: use will be wholly or mostly by and for the benefit of young people under the age of 14 years.
  • Concessionary: use will be usually non profit making concerns for a local community or educational purpose.
  • Full rate: use by profit making groups, social and non educational purposes.

The governors reserve the right to agree rates on an individual basis, especially for groups associated with the school, provided this does not mean subsidy from the school budget.

Charges are not relevant in the case of use associated with the corporate life of the school, such as staff meetings, parents’ meetings, governors’ meetings and extra curricular activities for pupils. Costs arising from these uses will be met by the school budget.

Terms and conditions

These form part of the contract.

  • All hirers must provide evidence that they maintain public liability insurance cover or pay an additional sum in order to be covered by the policy maintained by the LA on behalf of hirers. The sum is determined annually and is based on the cost of the premium to the LA. This policy will not be available to all hirers (see declaration on reverse of hiring application form A).
  • The school is a non-smoking area.
  • Licensing laws re consumption of alcohol on the premises apply. The governing body will monitor the use of alcohol.
  • Gambling in any form must comply with the relevant legislation.
  • The accommodation and the hours submitted on the application form A and agreed by the school must be adhered to or extra costs will be incurred. All additional costs are charges pro-rata of the cost agreed.
  • Car parking is only allowed in the designated parking areas. Advance permission is needed for use of the playground and a charge will be made if it is necessary to clean oil spillages etc. No parking is allowed on the grassed areas. Parking is at the hirer’s own risk. It is the responsibility of the hirer to inform all people in attendance of this.
  • All accidents on school premises must be reported to the school secretary at the earliest opportunity. An accident report form must be completed.
  • All users are required to follow all Fire and Health and Safety guidelines and procedures.
  • Any abuse of the premises may lead to immediate withdrawal of the facilities granted.
  • Any damage resulting from the hire of the premises must be made good, at the hirer’s expense.
  • School equipment/resources must not be used without prior permission.
  • Premises must be left in a satisfactory order for reopening at the usual time. Where it is agreed that additional cleaning will be necessary, this will be added to the cost of hiring. Weekend cleaning will result in extra cost.
  • Security of premises – the hirer should notify the caretaker if the function ends earlier than expected and should leave someone in charge of the premises until the caretaker arrives. The school must not be left without supervision.
  • If premises are required for concerts, dramatic, film or other public entertainments LA requirements must be met (see LA policy and conditions).
  • School meals service kitchen are not included in hiring’s not connected with the school. If these facilities are required the hirer must contact County Caterers. An extra fee will be incurred.
  • Confirmation of booking is dependent upon receipt of the completed application form and approval by the headteacher/chair of governors.
  • Cancellation must be made in writing, giving the appropriate period of notice. Some of the hiring fee may be forfeited.
  • Hirings are not transferable.

Policy Review

This policy will be review triennially.