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SCHOOL: Wingfield Road, Coleshill, Birmingham B46 3LL

HEAD OFFICE: BDMAT, 1 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BJ

01675 463672 - Ms Holliday

Coleshill C of E Primary School

Inspiring our children to flourish and enjoy 'Life in all its fullness' (John 10:10)

Ofsted reports

Since 2015 the nursery has been inspected with the school. We are pleased with the many positive comments from inspectors. Some of the highlights are below, or visit the Ofsted website for more information.

Ofsted inspection report for early years provision, 15th April 2015

  • "[Children] make good progress from their starting points in all areas of learning."
  • The school involves parents well in their children’s learning. Children settle in quickly due to the school’s very good routines. They feel safe and behaviour is good."
  • "Adults check children’s learning and development frequently and find out what stimulates and interests them. This information is used to make learning interesting and fun."
  • "All children are excited about learning letters and numbers. Children are given lots of opportunities to write about a variety of topics."
  • "Information contained in children’s ‘learning journals’ show they make good progress and enjoy learning."
  • "Children benefit from a stimulating environment, which supports and extends their imagination and wellbeing."

Ofsted Inspection Report for early years provision [Sunflowers Nursery], 9th January 2012

  • “Children are enthusiastically welcomed into this well-organised and vibrant setting. They enjoy a stimulating and varied range of play and learning experiences which present good levels of challenge.”
  • “Children benefit from well-organised activities and routines which provide them with a safe and stimulating environment.”
  • “Activities and routines are skilfully adapted, taking into account the individual needs and capabilities of each child.”

Ofsted Inspection Report for early years provision [Sunflowers Nursery], 6th November 2008

  • The nursery provides an attractive, stimulating environment, where children are happy and settled and keen to explore their surroundings.”
  • “Resources are well used to engage children in their learning. Regular assessment ensures all children make good progress in their development, from whatever their starting point.”
  • “All staff have a good understanding of EYFS learning and development requirements. Planning is flexible and offers many opportunities for child-led activities.”
  • “Staff are very patient, and caring, and devote a lot of time to supporting and guiding the children, especially when they first start. This gives the children the confidence to explore for themselves.”