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Coleshill C of E Primary School

Inspiring our children to flourish and enjoy 'Life in all its fullness' (John 10:10)

Ways to help me learn

Our ultimate aim is to work towards all learners becoming responsible for managing their own learning and assessment. Children should be able to describe themselves in terms of their learning attributes and should be forever seeking new opportunities to develop themselves as learners - learning from their mistakes and from working closely with others.

As a Learner, I should be thinking:

  • What am I learning?
  • Why am I learning this?
  • Am I learning something new or practising something I already know?
  • How am I learning?
  • What can I do now, or what do I know, that is different to the start of the lesson?
  • How well have I met my success criteria?
  • How can I improve next time or move on from here?


If I am unsure I can...

  • Ask the person sitting next to me for help.
  • Look at the learning wall for suggestions on methods or things to help me.
  • Check I am following the success criteria carefully.
  • Look at the board for ideas.
  • Check if there are any resources or equipment that could help me.
  • Check with my teacher or another adult.


Effective learning happens when the child:

  • Understands something by showing they can do something they could not do before.
  • Applies previous learning in a new concept.
  • Enjoys learning, is on-task and is well motivated.
  • Is clear about what needs to be done.
  • Receives constructive feedback which raises self-confidence.
  • Responds to high-order questioning and has the opportunity to explain their reasoning.
  • Is engaged in the process of self-assessment and target setting.
  • Is given the time and opportunity to work in depth and where appropriate, produce a high quality finished product.
  • Is engaged and informed by good teaching.
  • Is involved in activities which are suitable and appropriate for their stage of development.
  • Finds tasks demanding but achievable with sustained effort.
  • Seeks and receives appropriate help when needed.