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Year 5 - South America

TargetExamplesCan your child answer these questions?
Double any number with up to 1 decimal place.

Double 5.7
Double 12.6

Which number did you double to get the answer 3.8? How do you know?
Halve any number with up to 1 decimal place.

Halving any number with an even digit decimal.
Halve 7.2
Halve 9

If I halve 2.6 litres of juice into two jugs, how much juice in each jug?
Recall quickly multiplication facts up to 10x10.


Which is the missing number? 6x ? = 42
The answer is 36 – which multiplication sum could it be?

Recall quickly division facts up to 10x table.


Which is the missing number? ?÷ 6=9
The answer is 4 – which division sum could it be?

Use multiplication facts to multiply pairs of multiples of 10 and 100.


Which two numbers multiply together to give 4800?
Know the factors of all timetable answers up to 10x10.

The factors of 21 are 21 and 1, 3 and 7
The factors of 24 are 1and 24, 2 and 12, 3and 8, 4 and 6

Is 6 a factor of 38? How do you know?